Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR.2
Serial XV255

CNAM - Nimrod XV255 CNAM - Nimrod XV255 CNAM - Nimrod XV255 CNAM - Nimrod XV255 CNAM - Nimrod XV255

XV255 was built as a MR.1 and delivered to RAF St. Mawgan on 11th June 1971. On 11th April 1973, the aircraft was transferred to RAF Kinloss in Scotland where it remained until its conversion to MR.2 standard at Woodford. The conversion to MR.2 standard occurred between February 1978 and May 1980, after which she returned to RAF Kinloss. During the Falklands War, XV255 arrived on Ascension Island on 17th April 1982 and was most likely there at the same time as our Vulcan, XM612. By 17th May 1982, XV255 had received "Nim/Mod/700" (In Flt Refuelling Capability).
Between September 1983 and March 2010 saw a number of transfers between RAF St. Mawgan and RAF Kinloss.While at RAF Kinloss, XV255 took her last operational flight on 29th March 2010 having flown 19,571.15 hours.

On 24th May 2010, Nimrod MR.2, XV255 made its last flight when it was delivered to Norwich Airport for display at the museum.

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