Gloster Meteor NF.11

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NF Mark 11 The Type G.47 Mark 11 was the first night fighter version of the Meteor and was designed to specification F.24/48 for a two seat, twin engined, night fighter capable of intercepting contemporary bombers. Armstrong Whitworth, who had built a number of Meteors under sub-contract, were contracted to design and develop the new version, experiments at the TRE having confirmed that the Meteor airframe would suit the purpose. The prototype was a converted T7, VW413, but the first true NF11 built as such was WA546 which first flew on 31 May 1950. The lengthened nose contained an AI Mark 10 (SCR 720) radar and the four 20mm cannon were rehoused in the wing just outboard of the engine nacelles. The version retained the heavily-framed canopy of the T7. The Meteor NF11 entered service with 29 Sqn at Tangmere in May 1951 and finally departed front-lone service when 5 Sqn became operational on the Javelin in June 1960.

Service Night-fighter 5, 11, 29, 46; 68, 85, 87, 96, 125, 141, 151, 219, 256, 264 Training 226, 228 OCU; RAFFC Calibration 527 Communications 81 GCS; 83 GCF; 2 TAFCS Other AFEE; AWDS; CFE; CSDE; ETPS; 6 JSTU; RAE; RRE; TRE

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