Westland Whirlwind Fighter
Cockpit Section (Mockup)

CNAM - Whirlwind Mockup CNAM - Whirlwind Mockup CNAM - Whirlwind Mockup CNAM - Whirlwind Mockup CNAM - Whirlwind Mockup

Made over many years by long term aviation enthusiast Mr. Ray Wood at his home near Thetford.

Following a visit to the City of Norwich Aviation Museum Mr. Wood was impressed by what he saw and agreed to allow the cockpit section, still under construction at his home, to be displayed at the museum and over time to be joined by the completed nose assembly then on display at the Fenland Aviation Museum near Wisbech.

Two members collected the cockpit section from Thetford during the summer of 2010 and displayed with the other cockpit sections at the museum.

During the latter part of 2010 a group of museum members travelled to Fenland to pick up the nose assembly. This trip was tainted with sadness as Ray passed away during September. Mr. Woods widow Mary, kindly allowed the move to continue and with the help of the members at Fenland the section was successfully loaded on to a trailer for its journey along the A47 to Norwich.

This section was unloaded next to the other build which was the first time the two had been together. Early in 2011 the two section were moved into the main display building to form a permanent exhibition to this extinct and overshadowed aircraft.

Many thanks to Mary Wood and Fenland Aviation Museum.

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