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Handley Page Herald
Serial G-ASKK

First flew July 1962 as CK-MCK in the colours of Maritime Central Airways (who never actually flew the type). Having taken part in the Farnborough show of 1962, the following August saw it being allocated to Cruz Airways as PI-C910 with the colour scheme changed to chocolate and cream, but this deal failed as well. In December 1963 Autair used G-ASKK before being sold to British Midland Airways in February 1965. Next was a move to British United Airways which was setting up a subsidiary British United Island Airways which became British Island Airways. In 1980 BIA was taken over by Air UK and the aircraft was painted in the colours you see today. G-ASKK took its last flight on 30th March 1985 from Southampton to Norwich and was sold to CNAM for the sum of £1.