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Aircraft Cockpits and Mockups

McDonnell Douglas Phantom FRG.2
Serial XV426

First entered service with 31 Sqn on 22nd March 1969 before moving to 111 Sqn when 31 Sqn converted to the Tornado. XV426 then moved to 228 OCU at RAF Conningsby before a tour at the newly built RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. After her return to the UK in 1986, she served with 29 Sqn and 23 Sqns before ending her flying career with 56 Sqn at RAF Wattisham. During 1992, XV426 moved to RAF Conningsby for BDRT duties before being scrapped in December 1999. The nose section was rescued and moved to the Cockpit Collection at RAF Coltishall, before moving to the Museum during 2007