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Are Amazon’s drones the future of air freight delivery?

Are Amazon’s drones the future of air freight delivery?

It was only less than 12 months ago, back in June 2019, when e-commerce giant Amazon presented its latest fully electric delivery drone in Las Vegas. The advanced electronic device doesn’t resemble what you’d expect a typical drone to appear like. The hybrid device adopts a hexagonal design and has very few moving parts, key to its movement when taking off vertically and moving horizontally through the sky.

Amazon said these drones will start making deliveries in the coming months, that was back in 2019. Although this new delivery method looks promising, it’s still in the testing phase, as it’s not ready to be scaled up just yet. The company states that they have multiple international development centres, these are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, France and Israel. The biggest question on the minds of many business owners is, how soon will this innovative technology become mainstream, and can it enter other markets such as food delivery.

Could Amazon Drones Deliver Fast Food?

Amazon acquired Whole Food Market, a multinational supermarket chain back in 2017. So, it makes sense that the parent company may be able to combine the two to offer a new way of delivering groceries to people’s doors. Interestingly, some are questioning if drones could be cost-effective in delivering fast food from takeaways to customers in a shorter space of time. This may also mean that food delivery insurance policies may need to be reviewed to be in line with aviation rules and regulations. Especially important, as the UK Government has passed legislation on what size drones are able to take flight and how far away they are able to travel from the owner. Health and safety will be in the national interest and operators will need to prove that they pose no harm to civilians.

Back to the technology, these drones include multiple sensors and a range of computing modules that use machine learning algorithms to make them safe for use. Visual, thermal and ultrasonic sensors are all incorporated. The company’s goal was to design and build a drone that can be as safe as possible, even when it’s not connected to the headquarters’ computer network. As for distance and capacity, the drones can fly up to 15 miles and carry just over 2kg respectively.

The online retail giant has improved the design multiple times over a number of years and is strongly pushing its wide range of sensors and safety features. Amazon’s VP for its ‘Prime Air’ service, Gur Kimchi, emphasised that almost all of the hardware and software is designed in house.

The biggest test will be deploying these drones in a real-world environment, as this will generate random events that the drone will have to navigate by making real time decisions. There isn’t a set date when these drones will start to make their first deliveries, but the advanced technology does look impressive.

If successful, Amazon could offer this alongside it’s already available ‘Prime delivery’ service. Although, will this option be used alongside it, or cost an additional fee remains to be seen. The company hasn’t divulged any details regarding how much it costs to deploy a drone, in addition to all the maintenance costs this new innovative initiative is likely to incur. What we do know is that new technology does become more affordable over time as research, development and manufacturing processes improve throughout the product lifecycle.

New ideas are what push society forward, this is just the air-freight delivery extension for small deliveries. Some technology reporters may liken the disruption this could have on the industry to that of self-driving cars and their potential future capabilities. In the beginning, only larger companies will have the means to deploy this technology, as not everyone will be able to lobby for regulators to rapidly make sweeping changes to aviation legislation. Without regulators making changes, this technology will remain on site and not be ready for lift-off.

Furthermore, if these drones are allowed to take flight commercially, every company selling a product will want to see if they can incorporate the delivery model into their own business, assuming it’s a success and off to a flying start. New delivery services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats have proved popular amongst consumers, but can drones really be the future of food delivery? Only time will tell, and a lot of details still need to be outlined before we can make any real predictions. The biggest barriers are health and safety, cost and aviation legislation needing to be updated in any country that Amazon hopes to deploy these new autonomous drones.

Tips for Air Freight Shipping

Tips for Air Freight Shipping

Airfreight shipping is an essential mode of transport for various kinds of cargoes that are both international and domestic. Due to its speed, people always rely on the same to carry things forward in the right manner. But errors and mistakes are turning out to be common with the need to eliminate the same rising on the other hand. So to get things aligned and well in shape, we are bringing forward a bunch of tips that will help you carry forward the process efficiently. Hence, here it goes.

1. Measurements

Packages that are travelling via fright air always need to be measured and double-checked for mistakes. By doing so, you are making things elaborate with a simple and systematic plan. If the details tend to be incorrect in the first place, then the entire process will be in jeopardy. But looking around for measurements can come in handy and help you save the say. Regardless of the size or the shape, you must always double-check for verification and other such aspects.

2. Care and Protection

A package that is damaged does not formulate a pleasing atmosphere for the owner. So by all means, you need to carry things forward with the utmost sense of care and protection. While things are known to go out of hand, you should always try to gain better results. So clear all your doubts and dig more into the criteria for safety before you take up the job. By doing so, things will be smooth both before and after the journey.

Air Freight Shipping

3. Paperwork

Paperwork is not just a formal requirement but also a necessary process that raises the efficiency of the task. With clear paperwork, things will be quicker, and goods will pass through customs in no time. Based on the shipment in hand, you need to have the required invoices and documents so that things can be moved ahead without coming across any form of interruption. So just like what you did with measurements, you also need to double your paperwork and ensure that you’re along with the law.

4. Labelling

Labelling the shipment is another crucial process that prevents you from getting into situations wherein the cargo will be rerouted or left behind. Once valid labels all around the place, you can expect things to fall in line and proceed upon the right set of terms and conditions. If you don’t label them, you may also encounter problems with customs and other places that add nothing but fuel to fire. So to be on the safer side, it is always good to label and double-check in order to acknowledge whether things are right or wrong. Hence, follow these tips and ensure that the cargo is safe and well-protected.


The Benefits of Air Freight

The Benefits of Air Freight

Air freights currently provide the most effective high and low volume shipments at long distances. It is the most effective mode of transportation for overseas shipment of goods. There are many reasons why businesses and people choose air freight over shipping goods through the waters or other means. Given below are some of the benefits of airfreight that one should know before sending important goods from one place to another.

The fastest service

There is no match to the speed of shipment that air freight can provide. The sea and land freight will always be slower in delivering the goods from place to another. The delivery rates between different air freight can differ, but when compared to the other means of transportation, air freights will always be a clear winner.

Consistent arrival and departure

Efficient Air freight offers to track goods while they are being transported from one place to another. It assures the customers about the safety of their goods. In the case of land and sea transportation, shipping can take days which makes tracking ineffective. The transportation planes run every hour, which assures the delivery of the goods on the same day.

Air Freight Benefits

Better security

Airfreight takes place through national and international airports which makes its tracking and security much more effective. Airport security is a top priority which also means that your packages will be handled with care. The chances of your goods being stolen are close to none.

Global shipping flexibility

To the countries which are not connected to seashores, air freight is a better option in many ways. First, it completely eliminates the hassle of getting the goods shipped from seas and then land freights. Second, it offers a wider reach to small countries that want to import or export goods.

Reduced packing materials

Transporting through seas and roads mean the damage due to bumps and drops can be more serious. Air can offer a much smoother ride for the goods, which means there is less need for excessive packing. Air freights also offer lighter packing to reduce the weight of the total load.

Warehouse independent

Warehouse independent

Since the shipments are faster and happen multiple times a day, the warehouses are not a basic need for freight services. This helps the small businesses to avoid paying for local inventory as they can immediately initiate their shipping for the flight in the next hour. The cargo can arrive and depart without any delay, which eliminates the need for warehouses.

End-to-end services

The international air transport network has a wide scope of services to offer. It can cover a variety of client needs, including freight forwarders, operators, customs agents, GPS logistics, and more. It gives the clients a bunch of additional options to consider while paying for freight services. It assures the safety of fragile and sensitive packages and also makes sure that all shipping procedures happen with ease.



Importance of Air Freight and GPS Cargo Tracking

Importance of Air Freight and GPS Cargo Tracking

Air Freight is the most popular form of cargo forwarding and logistics option for several industries like interior design, electronics, construction, and automotive since they trust the service provided by the flights. And what makes this trust unbreakable? None of these industries has plans of shifting the mode of transit yet because they are now programmed to the practice of getting it transported by air. Goods of about six trillion dollars are being transported all around the globe through these industries. This massive amount of air freight alone makes up around 35 per cent of all the trade happening in the world.

Although many companies have adopted it, some of them are yet to explore the potential of a booming business by opting for air freight since it contributes highly to the success of a business by making trade faster and easier. But you have many more reasons to go for air freight apart from the impressive delivery speed. Let us have a look at the benefits of using air freight services and GPS cargo tracking.

Advantages of Air Freight

1.      Speed

When time is the crucial factor in your trade, you cannot afford to lose a single minute. There is no better option for you than air freight in that case. Land freight and sea freight are the second-best options if the overall prices of air freight are unaffordable. But they both are not as fast and reliable as the latter.

Air Freight

2.      Monitoring is Easier

It is easier to track and monitor the progress of the delivery when you opt for air freight over sea and land freight. Customs fees will be reduced on air freight since it doesn’t have as many stops as on sea and land.

3.      Insurance Premiums are Cheap

Insurance premiums are cheaper for air freight services when compared to sea and land freight due to the faster transit times. With the lesser time the cargo spends for transit, the risk of it getting stolen is also reduced, consequently, lowering the insurance premium charges.

4.      Cheaper Packing Materials and Shipping

Since air freight does not require bulky packing, you wouldn’t need to spend money on packing materials and shipping. On the other hand, when you choose sea and land freight, you will have to put money into bulky packing to resist the jerks caused by drops and bumps.


Why is Cargo Tracking Important?

Nowadays, since international trade has increased exponentially, there is a lot more bustle in transporting goods via air. People’s requirements are also growing every day, which makes tracking the delivery important. Cargo used to be sent through sea and land earlier when there wasn’t any technology to back it.

Now that everything around us has advanced, air freight is providing efficient service with live tracking of the transit. Our products are more safe and secure with the facility to check the status of the transportation, and we have a better idea of where the products are and if they will be delivered on time or not. None of that was available when transporting via sea or land. Every owner and manager can monitor the status of their delivery and the safety of their products from being stolen using the GPS service. If any form of glitch happens, the support system can help you with that, and if any of your goods get stolen, it can also be tracked using the GPS.


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