Goodbye to St. Faiths

Sun 14th April

Fifty years ago, RAF 12 Group Communications Flight, the last Royal Air Force unit to be based at RAF Horsham St Faith (now Norwich International Airport) was disbanded prior to the closure of the station. The last aircraft to leave was an Avro Anson of the Flight which took off on 29 April 1963 marking the end of RAF Horsham St Faith as a flying station of the Royal Air Force, although some of the airfield's facilities were used by other RAF units for the next few years.

12 Group was part of RAF Fighter Command from 1937-1963 and was the command for air defense of the midlands. It was renamed 12 (East Anglia) Sector in 1963 and disbanded in 1968. The Museum has one of the 12 Group Communications Flight hangar signs in its collection

The City of Norwich Aviation Museum is always keen to hear from any RAF veterans who were based at Horsham St Faith who can share their memories of serving here.

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