Visit by Norfolk Military Vehicle Group

Sun 1st July

On Sunday July 1st we had a visit from the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group, who were on a road run in memory of three of their colleagues. Around 16 vehicles and 5 motorbikes arrived in convoy - quite an impressive sight!

Vehicles included 1940s staff cars, jeeps, a military police vehicle and a 1953 Korean War jeep.

0701_nmvt01.jpg 0701_nmvt02.jpg 0701_nmvt03.jpg 0701_nmvt04.jpg 0701_nmvt05.jpg 0701_nmvt06.jpg 0701_nmvt07.jpg 0701_nmvt08.jpg 0701_nmvt09.jpg 0701_nmvt10.jpg 0701_nmvt11.jpg 0701_nmvt12.jpg 0701_nmvt13.jpg 0701_nmvt14.jpg 0701_nmvt15.jpg 0701_nmvt16.jpg 0701_nmvt17.jpg 0701_nmvt18.jpg 0701_nmvt19.jpg

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