Snow at the Museum

Sat 9th January

This winter nationally has been the worst one for years. Well, that´s what the news says and who am I to argue?

Here at the museum the weather, although cold, hasn't brought the volume of snow that the weather experts had been forecasting for weeks.

As you can see from the photographs, we have only had a couple of inches of the white stuff but it does make the aircraft look real pretty. The late flurry of snow gave the scene an eerie feel that visitors don't usually get to see.

This weather has given the museum some problems. As we're not on a main road, access to the museum has been a little awkward. As we couldn't guarantee that the museum would be open during our advertised hours we thought it advisable to put a notice on the website asking visitors to call the museum before setting out.

Hopefully that's the winter over with, roll on the summer.

0109_snow01.jpg 0109_snow02.jpg 0109_snow03.jpg 0109_snow04.jpg 0109_snow05.jpg 0109_snow06.jpg 0109_snow07.jpg 0109_snow08.jpg 0109_snow09.jpg 0109_snow10.jpg

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