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We have a small but varied collection of aircraft engines on display at the museum.

  • Alvis Leonides A 450hp 9 cylinder air cooled radial engine which was fitted in relatively few post war British aircraft including the Scottish Aviation Pioneer and Twin Pioneer, Percival Piston Provost, the prototype Handley Page Herald and the Westland Whirlwind helicopter
  • Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah A 7 cylinder 330hp air cooled radial engine. Designed in the 1930’s this type was fitted to Avro Ansons and Airspeed Oxfords.
  • Bristol Siddeley Hercules A 14 cylinder air cooled piston engine giving 1,950hp. At one time boasting ‘the most powerful aero engine in the world’ record this type was fitted to aircraft such as the Vickers Wellington, Short Stirling, HP Halifax, Short Sunderland, Bristol Beaufighter, Vickers Viking, Valletta, Varsity, HP Hastings and the Nord Noratlas.
  • Hispano-Suiza Nene French built Rolls-Royce Nene developing 5,200lbs of static thrust.  This type was built to replace the Allison J33’s in MADP T-33’s.
  • Rolls-Royce Gnome This 1,050hp turboshaft engine is the only large American aero engine to be manufacturedf in the UK since the end of World War One. This engine was licence built to power helicopters built by Westland such as the Whirlwind, Wessex and Sea King.
  • Rolls-Royce Merlin 12 cylinder water cooled piston engine found in such aircraft as the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, Fairy Battle, BP Defiant, Avro Lancaster, Bristol Beaufighter, HP Halifax, DH Mosquito, Avro York, P-51 Mustang and Curtis Kittyhawk.



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