Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, XP355


First entered service with the Central Flying School in March 1962. By 1965 it joined 22 Squadron in the Air Sea Rescue Role before being transferred to RAF Benson in 1969. At RAF Benson XP355 was painted gloss grey, white and blue and was used in special communications and VIP roles. After a stint with Westland Helicopters for an upgrade in 1970 it moved to RAF Northolt for more VIP duties. November 1973 saw a move back to RAF Benson and 21 Squadron then onto RAF Shawbury in January 1976. Staying at RAF Shawbury until its retirement in 1979, XP355 then moved to Park Aviation Supply Company before moving again to this museum.
The restoration of this aircraft is a long term project. Although the external condition is poor, the amount of panels that have been repainted is steadily increasing.