Air Freight is the most popular form of cargo forwarding and logistics option for several industries like interior design, electronics, construction, and automotive since they trust the service provided by the flights. And what makes this trust unbreakable? None of these industries has plans of shifting the mode of transit yet because they are now programmed to the practice of getting it transported by air. Goods of about six trillion dollars are being transported all around the globe through these industries. This massive amount of air freight alone makes up around 35 per cent of all the trade happening in the world.

Although many companies have adopted it, some of them are yet to explore the potential of a booming business by opting for air freight since it contributes highly to the success of a business by making trade faster and easier. But you have many more reasons to go for air freight apart from the impressive delivery speed. Let us have a look at the benefits of using air freight services and GPS cargo tracking.

Advantages of Air Freight

1.      Speed

When time is the crucial factor in your trade, you cannot afford to lose a single minute. There is no better option for you than air freight in that case. Land freight and sea freight are the second-best options if the overall prices of air freight are unaffordable. But they both are not as fast and reliable as the latter.

Air Freight

2.      Monitoring is Easier

It is easier to track and monitor the progress of the delivery when you opt for air freight over sea and land freight. Customs fees will be reduced on air freight since it doesn’t have as many stops as on sea and land.

3.      Insurance Premiums are Cheap

Insurance premiums are cheaper for air freight services when compared to sea and land freight due to the faster transit times. With the lesser time the cargo spends for transit, the risk of it getting stolen is also reduced, consequently, lowering the insurance premium charges.

4.      Cheaper Packing Materials and Shipping

Since air freight does not require bulky packing, you wouldn’t need to spend money on packing materials and shipping. On the other hand, when you choose sea and land freight, you will have to put money into bulky packing to resist the jerks caused by drops and bumps.


Why is Cargo Tracking Important?

Nowadays, since international trade has increased exponentially, there is a lot more bustle in transporting goods via air. People’s requirements are also growing every day, which makes tracking the delivery important. Cargo used to be sent through sea and land earlier when there wasn’t any technology to back it.

Now that everything around us has advanced, air freight is providing efficient service with live tracking of the transit. Our products are more safe and secure with the facility to check the status of the transportation, and we have a better idea of where the products are and if they will be delivered on time or not. None of that was available when transporting via sea or land. Every owner and manager can monitor the status of their delivery and the safety of their products from being stolen using the GPS service. If any form of glitch happens, the support system can help you with that, and if any of your goods get stolen, it can also be tracked using the GPS.